Titles & Synopses

          1. 'It Takes Two to Tango: from Buenos Aires to Montevideo.'

An overview of the history and splendor of today's Montevideo. Introducing the blend of Argentina and Uruguay, plus Brazil and MERCOSUR.

          2. 'From Samba to SAMPA.'

"Earn in São Paulo so you can spend in Rio." SAMPA, the top industrial center in Latin America --the locomotive of Brazil and much more!

          3. 'Of Piracy and Paradise: The Islands of Brazil (Part I).'

Ilhabella as the perfect island, and Paraty as the unspoiled colonial hideaway. Two islands, one elevating state of mind -- estado de espírito, as the say in Portuguese.

          4. 'Of Piracy and Paradise: The Islands of Brazil (Part 2).'

Buzios, from fishing and whaling in the XVII Century, to a favorite upscale playground for Cariocas, Paulistas, Argentines and people the world over.

          5. 'The Grandeur of Rio de Janeiro and the richness of Copacabana.'

Rio (once national capital) as main cultural and tourist center along with Copacabana's majesty as we ring-in the New Year.

          6. 'So Much South, so Little Time: Farewell to the Southern Cone.'

The grandeur of Punta del Este. Contrasting history, the birth of two seemingly similar colonies: The Spanish and the Portuguese.

          7. 'The Greatness of the Maya and the Splendor of the Mexican Caribbean.'

An overview of the splendor of the Maya civilization.

          8. 'Costa Rica, a Big Small Country (The Switzerland of Central America).'

Churches, museums, beaches, a rain forests and volcanoes, plus a Statue of John Lennon.

          9. 'Panama, a Tiny Nation with an Enormous Past.'

The building of the Panama Canal. Modern skyscrapers and 18th century architecture.

          10. 'Jamaica: "the fairest isle that eyes have beheld" -Columbus, said.'

Sugar, tobacco, piracy and the slave trade.

          11. 'Cuba: The Jewel of the Caribbean - Havana.'

Cuba as the jewel of the Spanish crown in the New World. An overview of Cuba, from the Spanish settlements to 1898.

          12. 'The Birth of Cuba as a New Republic - Cienfuegos.'

The fall of Spain in 1898 and the birth of a new Cuba.  José Martí, larger than Fidel Castro and Che Guevara put together.

          13. 'From Sierra Maestra to Havana - Santiago de Cuba.'

The Cuban Revolution and its aftermath amongst the intellectuals of the world - the right wing versus the leftists.

          14. 'From Havana to Miami and Vice Versa.'

How Spain traded Florida in exchange for Cuba from Great Britain and the racial plurality of the island. 

          15. 'Lisbon as capital city of Portugal; and Seville as capital of Andalusia: from Portuguese to Spanish.'

Once the seat of the Portuguese Monarchy was also Moorish/Christian like Seville.

          16. 'Gibraltar, the Rock that Rocks.'

Gibraltar once a Spanish territory is now a symbol of British naval strength.

          17. 'Picasso's Malaga.'

Malaga is as modern as Picasso's paintings, and older than the Moorish Alcazaba.

          18. 'Piracy in the Mediterranean: The Corsairs Hollywood Ignored.'

Piracy was prevalent across the Mediterranean from ancient times and from coast to coast. 

          19. 'Barcelona and Valencia: A Tale of Two Cities.'

The former Roman Empire and the Visigoths in Hispania. Nationalism and power through language identity.

          20. 'Bilbao: From Industrial to Cultural City; Tradition and Innovation.'

Bilbao is a present time post-industrial city with no pollution and art all around.

          21. 'La Coruña and Vigo: Two Cities, One Language Other Than Spanish.'

They are Galicians, closely related to the Portuguese, Spaniard with their own official language and traditions.

          22. 'Lisbon, the City of the Seven Hills.'

Rich in history, older than Paris or London is today's the European San Francisco. 

          23. 'Florida in Exchange for Havana, Cuba: the British Empire vs. the Spanish Empire.'

The Keys were lost 'unknowingly.' Centuries later Hemingway fell in love with Havana and Key West both.

          24. 'The British Cayman Islands of today were once the Spanish isles Las Tortugas.'

Although the isles have connections to the British, the culture and lifestyle are strongly Americanized.

          25. 'Costa Rica and Colombia: tied together by the Caribbean, and the Pacific Ocean.'

Puerto Limón and Cartagena built by the Spaniards since Colonial times. 

          26. 'The Panama Canal: one of the "Seven Wonders of the Modern World.'

An engineering marvel for its time, the Canal used to be controlled by the United States. 

          27. 'Manta and Guayaquil: Two Ports, One Major Difference.'

Manta makes the famous 'Panama' hat! Guayaquil safeguards against enemy incursions. 

          28. 'Salaverry is to Trujillo as Callao is to Lima.'

With a long pre-Colombian history, Callao's commercial harbor was founded by the conquistadores.

          29. 'Pirates in the Caribbean and on the Pacific Coast.'

English and French pirates in the Caribbean were also after the Spanish gold and silver taken from the Inca along the Pacific Ocean.  

          30. 'The Last of the Florida Keys Is Considered the Best.'

 The self-declared Conch Republic is home to Hemingway --and Key Lime pie!

          31. 'Labadee: A Pristine Peninsula and a Private Made-to-Order Resort.'

Labadee, and the Royal Caribbean. Haiti's Arawak for Ayti (Mountainous Land.)'

          32. 'Oranjestad, Capital and Main Port of Aruba.'

The 'Orange City' includes cultural, historical, and archaeological sites. 

          33. 'Albeit Lesser in size, Willemstad and Kralendijk are Great in Beauty.'

Both are capitals to Curaçao and Bonaire, respectively. Both are ports of call showcasing Dutch colonial architecture in white and pastel colors.

          34. 'St. Barts vs. St. Maarten: Two Little Islands, Two Big Destinations.'

 While Gustavia is the capital and only town of St. Barts, Philipsburg is the capital of St. Maarten (Netherlands) an island shared with the French Saint-Martin whose capital is Marigot.

          35. 'Tortola, (Spanish tórtola "turtle dove"), the Largest of the British Virgin Islands.'

Tortola, as the rest of the Virgin Islands, is the peak of a submerged mountain that rises from a submarine plateau. The aquamarine waters, beaches and harbor attract holidaymakers the world over. 

          36. 'St. Kitts and Nevis: Two Small Islands One Impressive Capital: Basseterre.'

Arising from the ashes, Basseterre showcases St. George's Church, the Circus (modeled on London's Piccadilly Circus), and Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park a UNESCO World Heritage site amongst other sites.

          37. St. Lucia: A French and British Possession, Several Times Back and Forth.'

With an international airport, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a deep-water harbor is home to their own 1992 Nobel Laureate for Literature Derek Walcott.

          38. 'Barbados, More British than any Other Caribbean Island Has Near-Total Literacy.'

Its capital and deep-water port, Bridgetown is home to notable sites. Among many St. Michael's Cathedral, Queen's Park, Independence Arch, National Heroes Square, a skyline, and an extensive boardwalk.

          39. 'Roseau and Saint John's, Two Port Capitals, Three Different Islands: Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda.'

While Roseau is catholic, Saint John's is protestant. Each has its own cathedral, each enjoys 100% tourism, but of the three islands, only Dominica is commonly known as Nature Island.

          40. 'St. Martin: Philipsburg, One Little Island, One Big History.'

While Philipsburg is the capital of St. Martin (St. Maarten in Dutch), the island is shared with the French Saint-Martin whose capital is Marigot.

          41. 'Of Piracy and Paradise: Two Pirate Castles Overlooking Charlotte Amalie's Harbor in Saint John's.'

While there are examples of Danish colonial architecture, and is also a U.S. submarine base, Blackbeard and Bluebeard's castles bring back the myth of those two pirates of the 18th-century.

          42. --Puerto Costa Maya: In-and-Out-a Mayan Resort.

Swim with dolphins, watch a pre-Columbian ritual or venture out to snorkel, or ride to Mayan ruins or Bacalar Lagoon.

          43. --Cozumel: The Big Island, and the Majesty of Chichen Itza.

Multifaceted Cozumel is engaging; Chichen Itza is utterly captivating.

          44. --Key West and the Yucatan: It Was All Once Spanish.

In the beginning there were Amerindians, then history changed. 

          45.  --St. Thomas vs. St. Maarten: Not All Caribbean Isles are Alike

Charlotte Amalie is more American, while Philipsburg has a cosmopolitan flair. Currency is not the only big difference.

          46.  --Barbados: More British Than Any Other Caribbean Island

Capital and deep-water port, Bridgetown is home to notable sites and a skyline.

          47.  --St. Lucia: A French and British Possession Several Times Over

It's a UNESCO World Heritage site with a deep-water harbor and home to their own two Nobel Laureates.

          48.  --Guadeloupe: The Butterfly Island - From 1493 Through the Ages

Terre-de-Haut, the jewel of Iles de Saintes, is a miniature Rio de Janeiro. "A joie de vivre."

          49.  --Tortola: The Largest of the British Virgin Islands

The peak of a submerged mountain rising from a submarine plateau, its beaches and harbor attract vacationers the world over.