1. 'Lisbon as capital city of Portugal; and Seville as capital of Andalusia: from Portuguese to Spanish.'

Once the seat of the Portuguese Monarchy, Lisbon is nowadays an enchanting port of call. Moorish/Christian Seville is home to many historical and cultural sights.

2. 'Gibraltar, the Rock that Rocks.'

Gibraltar was once a Spanish territory; ceded to Great Britain in 1713. As a symbol of British naval strength, it is commonly known as "the Rock."

3. 'Picasso's Malaga.'

Malaga's Picasso Museum, in the heart of the old city is steps away from the Cathedral, and Constitution Plaza. The Moorish Alcazaba Palace is a sight to see.

4. 'Piracy in the Mediterranean: The Corsairs Hollywood Ignored.'

Piracy was prevalent across the Mediterranean from ancient times. In Hispania it was experienced as well.

5. 'Barcelona and Valencia: A Tale of Two Cities.'

An overview of the region touching base with the former Roman Empire and the Visigoths in Hispania, leading to matters of nationalism and power through language identity.

6. 'Bilbao: From Industrial to Cultural City; Tradition and Innovation.'

From the heart of the Casco Viejo to the Guggenheim and Calatrava's bridge, Bilbao is a post-industrial city with no pollution and art all around.

7. 'La Coruña and Vigo: Two Cities One Language Other Than Spanish.'

They speak Galician, a language closer to Portuguese. They share the same history through the ages; both cities can be seen as financial and industrial maritime strongholds.

8. 'Lisbon, the City of the Seven Hills.'

Rich in history, Lisbon is older than Paris or London. The city of spies during World War II exhibits the longest bridge in Europe and is today Europe's San Francisco.